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You can register ShopMateWeb Online Database , install AzureMate Desktop Storage Explorer or install ShopMate Desktop Database on this page. You can also download missing, corrupted or needed files if you are a current user of ShopMate Desktop. Files are downloaded and installed from our Cloud Software Distribution Stores at Microsoft Azure data storage server, using secured 'https://' communication protocol. Note for MotoShop Automotive Business Accounting Database Software users: you can all upgrade to ShopMate Desktop.

Please check out Softhard Solutions Software Products below, click on the Heading of a desired system to reveal more of its information:

Select Software to Download and Install

AzureMate Desktop Storage Explorer System

There are three areas of data storage in Microsoft Azure Cloud service. Blobs (aka files of data), Tables (aka tables of recorded data) and Queues (aka first in first out messages). AzureMate will help you create containers, upload-download your Blob Files, create-upload-download your Table Entity Records and create-upload-download your Queue Messages.
AzureMate must have access to your Azure Storage Account(s), contained in your Microsoft Azure Cloud Services account. You must have created Microsoft Azure Cloud Data Storage Account(s). You can do this on their website: Create Storage Account(s) in your Azure Portal, then List and Maintain them in AzureMate. Before you install AzureMate, please read our AzureMate End User Licence Agreement clause.

Install 64 bit AzureMate (for Windows 8 or 10) for 30 Days Free Trial:

ShopMate Desktop Database Business System

Download, install and try ShopMate Desktop Automotive Database Software operations free of any charge for 30 Days. 64 bit ShopMate runs on 64 bit Windows 7 and 8 but is slow to load and execute forms. Once a form is loaded though, it is remembered by these systems and consequent accesses are fast (in current ShopMate session). Use 32 bit ShopMate on these systems for normal operation. There is no such problem in Windows 10 or higher. Before you install ShopMate, please read our ShopMate End User Licence Agreement clause.

Install 32 bit ShopMate - For Windows 7 or 8:
Click to Install 32 bit ShopMate Application

Install 64 bit ShopMate - For Windows 10 or higher:
Click to Install 64 bit ShopMate Application

If you have not clicked any Run button, after saving the file, navigate to it and run it by clicking or double-clicking the file. This will start the installation.

Following table contains all the available missing, corrupted or needed (if you are a current user of ShopMate Desktop) files for download. Select the appropriate file and click its button link below to start the download. When the pop-up opens after the download starts, click the Save button.

ShopMate Software Downloads

Download and install needed Files

File Name Downloads
0.931 MB
There are no major changes since last ShopMate release.
ShopMate Help file. This is the main ShopMate context help file and must be in the same ShopMate run time folder as the ShopMate executable file ShopMate.exe where it was installed at the ShopMate installation time by the Internet Installer. When the Windows Security asks you if you want to Run or Save the ShopMate.chm file, click the Save button and then select the run time folder.

Click to Download ShopMate Help File
AccessEngine 32
(26.182 MB)
AccessEngine 64
(28.746 MB)
Template Database
(0.624 MB)
In ShopMate, upgrading from older MS Access data databases and importing data via MS Office, you need access to these databases. If these methods do not work, your Operating System must be enabled for MS Office Data Access. Download and run AccessDatabaseEngine.exe (32 bit) or AccessDatabaseEngine_x64.exe (64 bit) file provided here by Softhard Solutions. This will enable accessing data from or to MS Access (.mdb) data database files. If you want to Upgrade database from MotoShop access data database you must download and run 32 bit version

Click to Download 32 bit AccessDatabaseEngine.exe File

Click to Download 64 bit AccessDatabaseEngine_x64.exe File

Use ShopMate.mdb template database for importing data records. It can be in the sub folder:
of the main run time folder where ShopMate was installed at the ShopMate installation time by the Internet Installer.
Or, after downloading, fill it with data and point to the place where the database is when importing.

Click to Download ShopMate.mdb File

ShopMateWeb Online Web Application

ShopMateWeb Online Web Application, a simple to use, online, cloud based accounting and business finance management services designed especially for small businesses and consumers, is a scaled down version of ShopMate Desktop Application, retaining most of the functionality.
Many business operators do not need all the functions that the ShopMate Desktop Application offers and they want to access their data anywhere in the world on any device like phone, tablet and laptop or desktop computers. ShopMateWeb Web Application will handle all this from the beginning to the end, thus making your shop administration far more interesting and less boring. You can work with ShopMateWeb Web Application on any device that has an internet browser and a connection to the Internet Network.
Using ShopMateWeb for your valuable business will save you a lot of time and money on local infrastructures. You do not even have to worry about backing up your Data. We keep 3 mirror copies of your database on separate data servers. If the currently serving Data Server goes down, next mirror copy kicks in without you even noticing the change.
There is no downloading or installation involved with ShopMateWeb. Use the browser you are using now.

Just click this link to Register your User Account with Softhard Solutions ShopMateWeb Web Application:
Click to Register ShopMateWeb

When your ShopMateWeb account is created, before you can login and use ShopMateWeb, since it is possible you have mistyped your email address, we need to confirm it. We will send you a Confirmation Email using the address you will have provided. Check your email and confirm your account, you must be confirmed before you can login and use ShopMateWeb.

For ShopMate Desktop and AzureMate Desktop only, depending on your browser (some only allow saving a file, some both, saving or running it), any installation involves downloading the AzureMateSetup.exe or ShopMateSetup.exe file and running it on your system to CHECK for any prerequisites and if any are missing, attempt to install them first, and complete the installation. If your browser allows you to run the file, use it as you do not need it saved, most save the file in your user Downloads folder.

Safari Browser
In Safari you can choose to save or run the installer. Click Run button. This will download the file and start the installation.

Firefox Browser
In Firefox you can choose to save installer. Click Save File button. This will save the file.

Chrome Browser
In Chrome the installer is saved. You may get a warning that this file is not commonly downloaded and may be dangerous and shows Discard button. This happens after each new release or update of AzureMate or ShopMate and will disappear in time since our installer files are all digitally signed. In that case press the down arrow and click Keep button. This will save the file.

Internet Explorer Browser
In Internet Explorer you can choose to save or run the installer. Press Run button. This will download the file and start the installation.

For installation, if you have not clicked any Run button, after saving the file, navigate to it and run it by clicking or double-clicking the file. This will start the installation. First any prerequisites are downloaded and installed and then, finally, when the Windows Security asks you if you want to Install the Application, click the Install button to start final installation.

Shortcut is created on your Desktop. To run application later, use shortcut on your desktop or navigate to it via Start Button on your desktop task bar.

The Windows Security pop-ups, if any, are there for your protection. Never run any executable (.exe) file you download unless it is digitally signed, it clearly shows the publisher name if it is, or you know it is safe to run it. All our assemblies (.exe, .dll etc.) are digitally signed. The Prerequisites are signed by Microsoft Corporation.

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