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ShopMate Desktop System Software Modules

Welcome to Softhard Solutions Australia ShopMate Desktop Main Business Software Modules Explanation page. If you want to know about ShopMate Business Accounting Database System in depth, you are in the right spot, just follow the individual Module Description below.

ShopMate Database System Software is made up of 8 system modules:

  1. Sales
  2. Purchases
  3. Inventory
  4. Files
  5. Accounts
  6. Payroll
  7. Administration
  8. System

Each module is accessible from the ShopMate Main Module bar or from the main menu. Each of the modules represents and looks after a part of your business. Many of our customers use all of the modules in their business and many generally use only some parts of ShopMate, not all. Some of them, you have to use (sales, files...) and some of them you do not (payroll...).

It is usually Sales and invoicing part they use and not the Purchases and ordering or payroll. You do not have to use all of the modules, you can use only what you need. In the table below you will find information on all of the ShopMate Modules.

Note that when you are running ShopMate and you are not sure of something, press F1 key on your keyboard to get to the ShopMate context sensitive help system for more information than you get here.

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ShopMate Software Modules Details

Following table contains all the available modules for review. Select the desired module and click its links to start the review.

Module Name Description
Main Product Sales In the Product Sales Module you create new and update existing invoices. You can create an invoice in just two mouse clicks, three if you have to select a new customer or vehicle, from ShopMate home page. It is that simple. You can select any customer by either their Company Name or their Full Name.

The vehicles in the grid reflect the customer you select, only the currently selected customer's vehicles (if any) will be displayed here. The automotive software program part can be hidden if you are not in the automotive business and if you turn the feature off, the grid will show the selected customer's history invoices instead.

In the first task tab, a two months calendar display is used to select a date for your new invoices. If the date's font is bold it contains one or more open invoices for that date. The second task tab contains closed or open invoices for the selected day only and the third task tab contains all the existing open invoices.

Main Product Purchases In the Product Purchases Module you create new and update existing purchase orders. You can create an order in just three mouse clicks, four if you have to select a new supplier or product, from ShopMate home page. It is that simple. You can select any supplier by either their Company Name or their Full Name.

The products in the grid reflect the supplier you select, only the currently selected supplier's products will be displayed here.

In the first task tab, the two months calendar is used to select a date for your new purchase orders. If the date's font is bold it contains one or more open orders for that date. The second task tab contains closed or open orders for the selected day only and the third task tab contains all the existing open purchase orders.

Main Product Inventory In the Product Inventory Module you create new and update existing products. You can create a product in just three mouse clicks from ShopMate Home Page. It is that simple. Use this module to take care of your stockable, unstockable and combination or template products.

There are many discount methods on products to entice your customers. Group product prices for chosen customers with discounts to normal prices, Custom product prices for individual customers, four levels of discount settings in each product and customer global price discount on every product they purchase.

The Combination Products help you create new products out of the products you already have in stock. Invoice Service Templates work the same way except you only use the stock products and when pulled into an invoice, the contained products are copied into it. There is also 'Buy X and Get X free' product enticement handling (this depends on your suppliers of products).

Main Address Files The Address Files Module holds together all the information files of various entities, things and people. The information in these files of entities is used throughout the ShopMate system.

There are several task bar tabs containing information on the individual entities and their summary. Click on each to review the information of the entity.

Main Financial Accounts In the Financial Accounts Module you create new and update existing financial transactions. All received payments for invoices, all issued payments for purchase orders, payroll payments and taxes, business activity statement, in fact all payments are calculated and reports displayed in a Specified Time Period in this module.

These are the descriptions of all financial transaction that have to be put into the ShopMate financial system in order to calculate correct Income and Expenses.

Important Note
The total taxed income and expenses fields include all taxes.

Main Employee Payroll In the Employee Payroll Module you create new and update existing employee Payroll daily entries. Making regular payments to employees in the ShopMate Database is a part of administering a database system.

Important Note
Please note that the Payroll part of ShopMate is Deprecated as of ShopMate Version 9, 2015 release. You still can use it for older data tax which is calculated according to the Australian tax laws and tax scales to the end of 2014.

The three task tabs available in this form help you to maintain the employees daily attendance time sheet, approve wage payment and check labour hours used in invoices for selected (booked) dates. Think of this section as a Bundy clock for employees.

Each day represents an attendance sheet which is automatically maintained by ShopMate as needed.

Important Note
In order to make sure that ShopMate always calculates the correct income tax, it is your responsibility to make sure the individual employee Payroll information is entered correctly, according to your own knowledge and according to what an employee actually declares. If you enter information that should not be there, incorrect tax will be calculated.

Main Business Administration In the Business Administration Module the form shows you your current administrative data live. You can view the ShopMate system (not sql server) activities here. Some files unrelated to administration (financial) have been added to this manager for convenience.

ShopMate's Administration module contains various important sections of your business that you can use to set the running of ShopMate to your own specifications.

Main Database System In the Database System Module you keep track of various aspects of correct running of the ShopMate Database System and the correct retrieval of the data from an Sql Server Database.

This module also allows you to set password for your database backup procedures so to avoid theft of your data. You can also make different connections to Sql Server in a Cloud Data Services or on your premises.

Important Note
ShopMate uses stored procedures and triggers of the SQL server ShopMate Database for its data retrieval. If you change any of these stored procedures externally, the forms and reports referencing them may not work properly if at all. This is also the case for the triggers. If you change any triggers the forms may not be getting the data they expect.

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If you are currently a MotoShop Automotive user you might ask a question: what is the difference between MotoShop and ShopMate? The answer is they both do the same thing but ShopMate does it better, is most modern software you can get, is written in .Net technology and, unlike MotoShop, is fully supported by Softhard Solutions.

MotoShop Automotive was built with the automotive industry businesses in mind, ShopMate was built for any small to medium business including automotive industry.

ShopMate, network-ready, is a Business Accounting Database Software with a built-in Automotive Business Accounting Software component Program Package providing network-ready accounting software to help small to medium business manage their accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, payroll, banking, customer and supplier relations and financial reporting in order to run successful companies through expert small business accounting software program and management practices.

ShopMate is a collection of modules with Microsoft® Sql Server 2012® or higher (included in the package if you do not already have one installed on your computer) serving as the back end for the data.

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